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This Land is My Land


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nor'easter Approaching

Hello Blog Buddies,

Well, it is sort of chilly out this morning - about 30 degrees and the wind has picked up so a walk around the Plaza again today may be out of the plans - time will tell!  :>)

For some reason I'm in a mood to paint another ocean scene but I have thoughts of a brewing Nor'easter - sort of like The Perfect Storm.

So with that in mind I started out and very quickly worked wet into wet in a very gingerly manner so as to not end up with "The Dreaded MUD!!!!!!"  The blending of colors directly on the "substrate" Hmmmmmm - a painting term - has to be done with a very delicate touch of the brush - sort of a "Kissing Stroke!"  Otherwise if over worked when blending - one ends up with MUD instead of a crisp clear distinguishable visible hint of each color used.  Ya --- I know ---- Blah-Blah-Blah!!!!  :>)

Sooooooooo once again this is not rocket science - which is good because I don't
know crapolla about rocket science!!!!  With this in mind I shall create the horizon line.

WOW!!!!!!  Great job JR!!!!!!!
:>) - Big Deal!!!!!

This painting will be done on a 9 x 12 loose piece of primed canvas.
OK - now comes the part where we work wet into wet and do all our blending of colors directly on the surface of the canvas (substrate)
The delicate approach to this application of thick juicy blobs and globs of paint I think is best described as similar to powdering a baby's butt!!!  Very softly and gently.

Excuse me ---- the lady in the last row 5th seat in from my right --- did you have a question or are you just talking out loud?  EH?????

You are so very correct - this does not look like a baby's butt ----
You need to listen more carefully - I never said I was going to paint a baby's butt!!!!
Geeeezzzzzz  :>(

OK - moving on ( I think I'd like to move OUT after that last interaction!! )
A close up to try and show you folks the many, many colors used in the blending of the storm sky ( I used about 7 different colors and blended them directly onto the substrate with the quickness yet smoothness of a Stealth Bomber - just kissing the surface with the soft bristles of my large brush.  Damn I'm getting excited!!!!!  :>) 

George Clooney would have you know what in his pants if he had seen this storm approaching!  :>)

OK - I need to let this sit a bit as the paint is really wet - and juicy.  I also need to sit a bit as I can't take all this excitement standing up! 

The lady in the last row - 5th seat in from my right - why don't you come down to the front row so you can hear me.  :>) 

Be back in a while folks.


Time to finish this puppy up by throwing in the "angry - stormy ocean"


Now - for some close ups so my "ATTENTIVE BUDDIES" can see





Hope you guys enjoyed this demo - I had fun with it and there is no denying a Nor'easter is on its way!!!!!

Later Dudes!!

JR   :>)