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This Land is My Land


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Monday, January 23, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well - no further progression on being kicked out of the Santa Fe National Cemetery.  None of the Govt officials and Congressmen have written back to us - WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!  We talked this morning and have decided to continue on our current path of being able to walk once again in the National Cemetery.  This is something we will not let go of and will continue our quest for walking privileges.  I'm going to do a search on all National Cemeteries in the USA and make contacts to ask if WALKING is permitted.
We also agreed if this is not settled by the time we leave Santa Fe on our RV Journey that we will continue to pursue it from the road.  I have to be honest and say I want to kick that guy's ass to the curb!!!  I am also going to try and get some FREE advice from the ACLU as I feel our Civil Rights are being denied!

OK - enough!!

Since the largest portion of our RV Journey ( called LEG 1 ) is going to be up Carolina/Virginia and the New England seacoast on into Nova Scotia, I will be doing a lot of plein air ocean scenes.  So I did another one this morning.

9 x 12 on a primed single canvas sheet.

"Ocean Spray With Gulls"

What do we need?  A blank piece of primed canvas and the horizon line.

See - it just ain't rocket science!!!

Next we need to throw in the sky with a big brush and lots of juicy paint!

Still not rocket science!!

This will go quickly as I'm using a big brush and the painting surface is only 9 x 12 - I'm working wet into wet very quickly!
WOW----- Ya I know --- that was too quick!!!!
Truth is I forgot to take some photos - my mind was off some place else.
See ---- ya don't even have to think when you paint!!  :>)

Well - we got the sky - the presence of ocean and the nice big chunk of rock embedded in the sandy ocean floor - just waiting for a wave to crash over it and throw up some spray!!!
Well--------that's what the title indicates!!!!

Sooooo we need some waves coming in as well as a wave crashing on the back of the big rock and some movement in the FG surf.

Hang on a minute - let me see what I can do with my big brush!!!!  :>)


I even managed to throw in two gulls!!!!

Now for my Anal whoops I messed up ---- Now for my ATTENTIVE BUDDIES:




Well-----hope you enjoyed this demo - sorry I did not take more progress photos but my mind clearly was off someplace else!

Enjoy the day and remember as you proceed down the hyway of life - stand up for your rights - be firm but be fair - check things out the best you can and proceed with caution and when you know you are 100% in the right


JR  :>)