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This Land is My Land


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Friday, January 6, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well ----- me thinkith today will be a day of relaxation!  Did some more packing of "STUFF" today to bring down to the rented storage area.

I also packed up some RV STUFF that will be shipped Elkhart Indiana to the NEXUS plant as we will need these things for our return drive to Santa Fe.

My DW Melissa is a PACKING EXPERT!!!!!  She has a saying "ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE THING!!!"  Sooooooo with this as our marching orders, next Thursday we have decided to go down to the rented storage area and empty out as much as is necessary and re-pack!!!!  The object is to make room for the bench/pew so it will fit, along with other "STUFF"  in our TINY UNIT that we will be putting in come the end of March.

When we packed up the rented storage area when moving from our home, we had 4 people helping us and they were a great help and we could not have completed the move without them.  The entire storage area is 8x10 and has I would guess 10 foot ceiling height.  We pretty much used all the same size boxes and all the boxes (approx. 100) were packed along the back of the storage unit, from floor to ceiling.  As it turned out the boxes were the perfect size and fit height and width wise with no loss of space.

As the moving day progressed and folks got tired, efficient packing was cast somewhat aside.  Also things such as furniture etc NOT IN BOXES became harder to efficiently fit into the space.

Sooooooo we (she-DW) will redesign the storage of "STUFF" and I will provide the moving and lifting as directed.  This works out well for us sort of BEAUTY & BRAWN.  :>)

For my part in this RE-DESIGN effort my DW has promised to buy lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and I have been promised a Navajo Taco!!!

I digress ------ I wwent back onto my diet as about 7 pounds seem to have re-appeared without my remembering ever eating anything worth those 7 pounds!!! :>( 

Sooooo starting New Years Day I went back onto my diet that has always worked in the past and thus far I have lost 4 pounds!!!   One of our travelling mottos is:
"FOLLOW THE SUN - FIND THE BEACHES"  Sooooo I need to get back to into the range of 150-153 with a 34" waist which I believe is very possible to do by April 1 ---- And I'm not fooling!!!!!

OK digression over-----------------------------------------------------------------

I have all the confidence that my DW Melissa will reconfigure the storage unit into a  LEAN-MEAN-STORAGE AREA and all will end up fitting everything with room to spare!!

We will end up being able to keep our BENCH/PEW and all will be fine - once again proving the old proverb "ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE THING."

Well my friends enjoy the day - tomorrow we go to the RV Show in Albuquerque and stop off at Camping World to look :>) and pickup a few more small things for the RV that will be need on the drive back to Santa Fe.

I'm biting at the bit to finish up my "MENAGE A TROIS" painting and get started with a new one ---- this shall perhaps have to wait until Monday as my time now seems to be consumed with RV related tasks  ---- which fits in nicely with my blog title RVPAINTER.

JR  :>)