This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, I got up this morning with full intentions of finishing the Menage a Trois painting and all of a sudden I got the urge to do something different!  It's cold out today --  at noon it is only 27 degrees - Brrrrrrrrrr - :>(
So I said to myself "Self"------ do something that will make you feel warm!!  One of our mottoes while on our RV Journey is "Follow the sun & find the beaches!"

With that in mind, and the fact that at the beginning of our Leg #1 Journey we will be stopping in South Carolina for a week and couple that with we will be in Florida at some point, I came up with my painting direction for the morning.

The title of this piece is "Sunset Palms" - it is 10 x 8 on canvas panel done with spontaneity in color and stroke.

OK - let's begin!  First thing I do is throw some color on the surface to represent palm trunks and draw a quick line for the sandy area as well as the horizon.  This as you can tell is not BRAIN SURGERY!!!!

This will go quickly as it is only 10 x 8 - so the next thing I do is throw some more paint onto the surface - hopefully in the right places so the scene will start to develop and show signs of the sky at sunset time.  You will notice that I bring some of the orange color down onto the beach area as well as into the ocean area.  This is called ------ of course ----- reflected LOCAL COLOR.  The sky no matter what color will always reflect onto the land below it.

OK - time to throw in some color to give the indication of the ocean as well as the sand on the beach which of course is where the Palms reside!  :>)

Some refining of the sky-ocean-beach-palms and we are making PROGRESS!!
Sorry for the BLUR - as I've mentioned before, my camera is a cheap point-shoot-pray!
I guess I forgot to pray!  :>)

Time to finish this up - as I say it is not BRAIN SURGERY - it is a small painting to make me feel warmer on a rather cold day here in Santa Fe NM



Now a couple of close-up for my AN-------- whoops almost used the word ANAL - glad I caught myself - because I promised I would try very hard not to use the word ANAL!!!!!  I'm a man of my word - even if I have to be ANAL about my promise!!

OK "ATTENTIVE BLOG BUDDIES" who want to know

Hope you enjoyed this quick little demo and I hope it brought some warmth into your life ----- of course our good friends Nacny & Wayne in FLORIDA do not need any warmth - LUCKY BUDDIES!!!!
Take care and until next time  -  put some sun screen on and enjoy the painting!

JR    :>)