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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yo my Blog Buddies,

Well another laundry - TINY UNIT cleaning day arrives.  More importantly VALENTINE DAY has arrived - SOOOO don't say you were not informed!!!!!!!

The TINY UNIT is all cleaned - the laundry is washed and in 29 minutes I shall wander down to the bowels of our building and get the laundry out of the dryers - fold it - and put it away.

Today I have some more RV administrative duties to do.  I told my DW last nite that I needed to get my ducks in a row for the desired early reservations to be made for the Keys.

I was informed that she does not want any DUCKS in our RV as they are not clean!!!!

Soooo NO DUCKS!!!!  DAMN!!!!!  :>)

Many RV-ers do not make reservations they sort of wander from place to place in a semi-vagabond style and stay where they can find a spot.  My DW and I are PLANNERS!!!!!  We pretty much know where we want to go and next winter from about November 1 thru March is going to be spent in various areas of Florida - including the Keys.  Welllllllll NO BIG SURPRISE - RV PARKS IN FLORIDA FILL UP IN THE WINTER MONTHS DUH!!  So we have reservations already made at various spots starting November 1, 2012 up to January 15, 2013.  I will now start trying to get reservations at various Florida State Parks from 1/15/13 thru March 2013.
Most of the time it only requires a deposit so lots of $$$$$$$$ do not have to be put out in advance.  The major advantages are, you are sure to get a spot, you can look at the layout of the park(s) online and PICK your spot thereby getting a better spot and you know you will be where you want to be at that point in time.

The disadvantages mainly consist of perhaps something happening that requires you cancel the reservation and if done in a reasonable time frame, you may lose one night's fee.  The other possible happening could be that you get to the reserved space and do not like the space or the location of the park.

We tend to checkout the park B4 making a reservation and look online for feed back from folks who have stayed at these parks.  Reviews are found on many sites on-line - so research is very important.  Also some of the RV blogs I belong to you can ask the membership if anyone has been to "such a such" RV Park and ask them for a review.

This approach "floats our boat"  ( NO DUCKS ALLOWED IN OUR BOAT EITHER!!!) so we'll continue with reservations as compared to "chancing it."

At times we will "chance it" as in the case of driving from one park to another and a one night stop is needed - we most likely would not make a reservation for one night but we would start looking for an RV park stop early in the day - around 2pm.  Our hope is to not travel more than 200-250 miles maximum between RV parks and to stay in one place for at least a week. 

With the increase in gas prices being tossed around on the news, I tend to think we will be staying in most locations for a minimum of 2 weeks - a month or perhaps longer.

We are retired - we are in no hurry to get to any one place (with the exception of some family commitments this May & June.) 
Well, buzzer just buzzed - time to get the dried laundry - fold it and put it away.

Although today is VALENTINE DAY my DW and I decided to celebrate in the RV style and have hot dogs for supper - we love hot dogs!!!  We get the uncured no preservatives dogs at Trader Joe's HOLY CRAP are they ever good.  Toast up the buns, grill the dogs and dig in.  One dog each!

We are both on diets with a race to see who could lose a certain # of pounds first - I have only 1 more pound to loose and I WIN!!!!!  This would bring me to 150 pounds which is a good weight for me considering I've weighed in close to 200 pounds several times before in the past 6 - 7 years.  When in the AF and living in Alaska I weighed 225 pounds - IT WAS GROSS!!!!!  :>(  YUK!!!!!

My DW bought a nice chocolate treat for both of us from Whole Foods bakery so that will be just perfect!

Later my friends.

JR   :>)