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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well it seems we have hit a bump in the road with regards to the Santa Fe National Cemetery.  This is but a mere BUMP - not a road block.  Following is a reply we got from "some person" with in the area or National Cemeteries.  We still plan on pursuing this as we feel the response is BS!!!  It appears to be merely CYA political CRAP - that said, in reading it, I believe it gives us permission to casually stroll along the various roads within the cemetery and AS WE DO NOW - stop at various graves and reflect on the stories told on the stone.  We of course would also AS WE DO NOW stop and straighten flowers the the wind has blown over as well as the occasional piece of trash the no one else seems to care about!  The SF National Cemetery is quite hilly and even with a casual stroll, one cannot help get exercise - moving the body at any pace can be considered exercise.  It appears the Dictator of the SFNC feels he is some sort of "physical trainer" and can distinguish between "speed walking" - "walking for the sole purpose of exercise" as compared to walking through the cemetery to pay respects to our fallen heroes and being a veteran, paying respects to my fallen comrades. 

As I say "A bump in the road - not a road block!"  We will continue to fight this and I want to test this latest wording from the government and see if walking at a walking pace and stopping at several various graves, kneeling - saying a prayer in a true demonstration of respect will cause the Dictator of the SFNC to have me sited and fined $50.  We plan on talking to some "LOCAL" media folks about this as well as others in State and Federal Government.

No Mr. Dictator of the SFNC we are not GONE we are merely REGROUPING WITH MORE REINFORCEMENTS.  This is America!!


Dear Mr. Secor,

This is in response to your inquiry about walking on the grounds of Santa Fe National Cemetery. First, thank you for your service to our country and for the interest you have expressed for those who are interred at Santa Fe National Cemetery.

Visitation of VA’s 131 National Cemeteries throughout the country is encouraged as a way for all citizens to reflect on the service and sacrifice of our country’s Veterans. All visitors are expected to observe proper standards of decorum while on VA property. Authority is given to the cemetery director, as head of the facility, under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations to enforce rules and regulations. 38 CFR 1.218, paragraph (a)(14) states: “Jogging, bicycling, sledding and other forms of physical recreation on cemetery grounds is prohibited.” The regulation also states that an individual found guilty of violating this rule is subject to a $50 fine. The standards of conduct are established to preserve the sanctity of the final resting places of our Nation’s heroes. The prohibition extends to all types of recreational or physical activity including speed walking, recreational walking, roller skating and picnicking. These recreational activities are not compatible with the purpose of a national shrine. Therefore, if a visitor walks onto a national cemetery with the purpose to pay respect and reflect upon the service of those interred at a national cemetery, then such activity is allowed and encouraged. Engaging in recreational walking, speed walking or similar activity is not allowed when the main purpose is to obtain exercise. The intent of this regulation is to preserve the dignity and serenity of America’s national shrines in honor of those who have served and sacrificed on our behalf. Thank you for your inquiry, and for your interest in America’s veterans.