This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Morning Blog Buddies

YO my friends,

Google Blog seems to be still working - so I shall stick with this Blog until and only if Google Blog becomes a PITA!!!  The Word Press Blog I have been playing around with will only become a reality if and when Google Blog becomes no more fun to use any longer.  Soooooooooo Stay with my RVPAINTER Blog until notified otherwise.

I worked up a 2nd "MONOCHROMATIC" painting the other day - I'm finding these very interesting to do as well as a lot of fun - to my eyes it gives a totally new perspective to the various scenes - sort of like those sepia photos of long ago! (when I was just a wee little child!  :>)

Sooooo here is  "MONOCHROMATIC NO. II"
10 x 8 on heavy Linen paper

A quick sketch with a round brush to give me a road map to work with

I drop in some more color - this painting is being done with a big brush

OK - I drop in some shadow color cast onto the surface upon which the objects sit as well as the cast shadows caused by the light from the left

Time for some FG and BG and tweaks here and there - this is the "TOP SECRET" part which I do not show all of my secrets!

OK - pretty close - just some more tweaks - I'll be back in a moment as I don't want any one to peak at what I do to get to the finish painting - that's the real SECRET part!!!
OK - I'M BACK!!!

Well, this was fun and I may do an ocean/dune scene in the MONOCHROMATIC style just to see how it appears - I think I will make it more in line with the sepia tones


OK my friends I hope the day and the weekend is good to Y'all.  We are going to breakfast tomorrow with some friends Donna & John - real nice folks and then we are going to the Bataan Museum which is on our list of things to do before we leave Santa Fe

JR   :>)