This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, today is Wednesday - food shooping day - errands to run etc.  I started by taking my DW Melissa to the Yoga studio and then went food shopping - came home - put the stuff away and then went on my way to complete many errands.  Most of which were RV related other than my stop at Sam's Club for my weekly donation for OVERSIZED items!!!!

So I just got home and I've decided to take the day off - no painting - no NOTHING!!!!

I'll pick up my DW about 3:00 and I hope we can go for a nice long brisk walk down around the Plaza (center) of Santa Fe.  We love it down there and the walking is great - lots of sidewalks and a maze of side streets off the one Main street.  None of the buldings are allowed to be over 3 or 4 stories and most of them in the Plaza area are very old adobe buildings with a lot of character.

I may not get much painting in tomorrow as we are going down to the STORAGE BUNKER and move the RV related items out of the BIG STORAGE BUNKER into the temporary (2-month rental) TINY STORAGE BUNKER!

Make things easy - keep thing simple --- two of our mantras we try to live by and we have a couple of others like ---- get things free - no rushing!!!  It's really amazing how many "free" things there are out there - just look for them and they show up.  Lots of tourist spots around here are free - such as the Bataan Museum we went to last weekend.  One of our favorite things to do although not free - but for the price of a cup of coffee - we go to ECCO our farovite Coffee Bistro and SIP & WATCH!!  Santa Fe is filled with some very ODD acting - dressed - people and you can spend a couple of hours people watching.  Also sitting on the park benches around the Plaza - you can see some pretty weird sights as well as weird tourists.  Lots of FUN!!!!

Spell check is still not working - sooooooo spelling errors are not my fault!!!!

Until next time..........................................................

JR  :>)