This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Morning Blog Buddies

Well today will be a rest from blogging and painting.  My DW and I will be off doing some errands and perhaps a nice coffee and treat at our favorite Coffee Bistro ECCO right off the Plaza.

One of our first stops on the beginning of our RV Journey is San Antonio TX.  I lived there for a year back in 1961-1962 and I just loved it there.  We will be staying for a week in an RV resort that is very close to the famed Riverwalk.

In doing some research, San Antonio is also a city rich in the ARTS and that we all know is of interest to me.  Soooooooo some of my time will be spent in the true spirit of MY  BLOG RVPAINTER and I will be found walking around the RV resort looking at RVs and of course in the CITY looking at ART!

No doubt I'll be saying:

  "HOW HE DO DAT?????" 

JR  :>)