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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well, another Tuesday - laundry and TINY UNIT cleaning day!!!!   :>(

The TINY UNIT is all cleaned and the two loads of clothes are in the dryer!

We have 8 weeks left here before we move out of the TINY UNIT so 8 more laundry sessions and 8 more TINY UNIT cleaning sessions.  Before we moved here for our 6 month stay waiting for our RV to be built, it had been at least 30 years since I had been to a Laundromat!!!!  WOW have things changed!!!!  I can remember having to bring $10 in quarters in order to do laundry - what a PAIN THAT WAS!!!!  WELLLLLLLLLLL for those of you who do not know, our laundry facility has a CARD!!!!  YES a CARD that you put into this MAGIC machine and tell it how much MONEY you want placed on your CARD!!!!  WOW!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!  The only disappointing part is ---------- it transfers this money from YOUR BANK ACCOUNT to the CARD :>(

At first I thought WOW - free laundry!!!  Put the card into the SLOT on the washer or dryer and it SUBTRACTS the amount from the card - FRIGGIN AMAZING!!!!

I do two loads in the washer and 2 loads (of course) in the dryer and this costs me
$6.00 in total.  Not bad I guess.  When you transfer YOUR money onto THEIR card, you can get $10 - $20 - $30 - $40.  So the CHALLENGE will be to leave here with a zero balance OR a $6.00 balance.  Why a $6.00 balance the lady in the first row - 3rd seat in from my left asks!!!!!

Welllllll - my dear - we will have about 4 days to hang around Santa Fe after moving out of our TINY UNIT before we take off for Elkhart Indiana to pick up DREAMCATCHERS - (the name of our RV.)  So we will have some laundry to do before we fly out.  Being familiar with this laundromat it would be nice to do up our laundry here before leaving.  The planner in me really wants to try and leave here with all our laundry done and ZERO DOLLARS ON THEIR CARD!!!!!  :>)

We will be in the Elkhart area for about 4 -5 days and then onto Iowa for 2 nights and then back to Santa Fe which will take 3 - 4 days and I'd rather not do laundry during this time period.

WHOOPS the buzzer on the stove just buzzed - time to go get the clothes out of the 2 dryers.  I'll be back - hang loose!!!!!!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
OK - dried clothes brought up to the TINY UNIT - folded and put away - back to Blog Business.

OK - well that is my story about doing laundry and due to modern technology not having to go to the bank for $10 in quarters everytime!!!!!  In a way I do miss that, as the bank I used to go to gave out lollipops!!!!!! The tootsie pops with the ball of chocolate in the middle - COOL!!!!  I always used to smile at the teller to try and get 2 lollipops :>)

Now that all of my MOLLY MAID chores are done, I may start a painting or I may look at some of my RV videos and refresh my mind as to how these things work!!!!

Sooooooo until I BLOG again, have a wonderful day and pick one person out today and so something nice for them - even if it's a stranger and you just smile and say "good afternoon - lovely day isn't it."

JR   :>)