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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Baaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk

Hello Again,

Well - laundry is all folded and I put together a loose and quick painting - trying to incorporate the thought that I woke up with this morning.

You know those TV commercials that are in black & white but yet there is a spot of color within all that black & white?  Well my wake up thought this morning was a MONOCHROMATIC painting with some color introduced.

I choose an ocean scene as they are fast and easy to do - so Let's begin!

I must once again apologize as I did not take many progression photos - I did this one so fast there really was not time to stop and take many photos.

I first of course start with a blank surface and merely put in a horizon line - making sure it is less than or more than the half way measurement of the height of the surface.  WHY???  CORRECT!!!!!  A painting cut exactly in half will look like crappola!!!!

Not exactly rocket science is it!!!!!

Next, using a big brush and blobs and globs of color I throw in the sky - using 3 or 4 different colors - dark at the top and lighter at the bottom.  WHY????  Because that is the way skies are!!!

OK - not much of an explanation was it!!!!  Mainly it is painted dark to light (top to bottom) as the dark part represents the part that is sort of closest to you and the lighter part at the horizon line is the furthest from you - so dark to light gives the painting DIMENSION!!!

A close up of the GRADATION used in developing this DIMENSION.
"GRADATION" is artist lingo!!!!  :>)

I do not talk in artist lingo very often - cause I think it's SILLY!
I'm just a normal guy and talk normal -  like:


OK - the rest is the part that I neglected to take progress photos so I need you to help with a little bit of imagination!



8 x 10 on Heavy Linen Paper

For my "ATTENTIVE" blog buddies--


Sky and horizon line

The Wave

Those of you having famililarity with the ocean and its wave action I'm sure will remember the "splashing action" that takes place when the wave comes down onto the shore.  It is this "splashing action" that I have tried to freeze in time within this painting - thus the title - "OCEAN SPLASH."

Well, that was fun - it was quick and it is semi loose - a style which I enjoy the most.

I've decided that I will hang onto my painting supplies for a while rather then pack them all up and move them to storage.  I've got realistically a couple more weeks that I can paint and I'm not a barrel of laughs when I'm NOT PAINTING!!!!

My DW suggested this as she KNOWS ME !!!!!

However that said - and I just said it -- I'm going to concentrate on
MONOCHROMATICE pieces until the time I'm FORCED to pack up my painting supplies!!!

Sooooooo I hope you enjoyed this demo which incorporated the very first waking thought in my sick little mind this morning.

Take care my friends and if you have a chance give someone a helping hand today - if the chance does not just happen - make it happen - it will make you smile and we all know:


Spell check on google blog is not working today so I accept no responsibility for mis-spelled words!!

JR   :>)