This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

I have said many times that my style is gravitating to a very looser style - bordering on semi-abstract and just 3 degrees this side of SLOPPY.

I found a quote today by an artist who sees his paintings taking a road similar to my road - one that may not be travelled by as many as go down other roads but yet a road that brings pleasure to both the artist and the viewers.  Not all viewers like "LOOSE" paintings which is why there are many styles of painting.  The bottom line --- the painter needs to be comfortable in their process and of course results.  In line with that famous saying:


Weeeellll  it was something like that!!!!  :>)

OH yes - the saying by another artist I found today - how easily I forget!!!

Thomas Kitts   "When people view my work I want them to see a painting, not a photograph. I want them to experience a surface rife with color, texture, and movement, yet also connect to the reality that gave birth to the art. Up close, I want my surfaces to explode. From a distance, to reassemble back into a whole...................................."
HOLY CRAP!!!!  This guy read my mind!!!!!

OK - onward and forward my soldiers.

Today I decided to do a palette knife painting of TREES!  YEP - TREES.

As most of you folks know, I love aspen and pine trunks and perhaps I paint too many of them - I also love pears and perhaps I paint too many of these - but you know what they say!!!!!  At least I hope you know what they say - because I have no friggin IDEA!!!!

This is just the beginning and I may finish this later - after MY NAP!!!!

12 x 9 on a single sheet of primed canvas done with my trusty palette knife -- MAC!!!!

This being another loose one without any pre-planning or sketching it will fall into the category of "JUST PAINT IT"

Very quickly I knife in some trunks - aspen & pine.  You will notice there are 6 trunks - an EVEN number and we all know things should be presented in ODD numbers.  Why?  I'm told it just looks better which I must say I find ODD!!!!  :>)

OK a few more swipes with MAC and it will be time for a cup of 100 calorie no fat yogurt and a NAPPY-POO

A few closeups to hold the interest of my "ATTENTIVE" BUDDIES

Well - until I return - enjoy the remainder of the day and


JR   :>)