This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello Blog Buddies,

Well most of the snow that SHAT upon us was melted today!  We had a good 4 - 5 inches and the sun in New Mexico is just amazing.  It did not rise over 28 today yet 90% of the snow is melted!

I did a very, very quick painting today - sort of a pan-o-ramic view.  When we lived on the rocky coast of Maine, at low-low tide the clam diggers would come out and start digging for clams - these areas are call the  "CLAM FLATS."

First - some Buddies have asked me what my "studio setup" looks like - so I took a couple of shots.  Be it safe to say it is just a small space as our TINY UNIT 6 month does not have much space over all and of course we will only be here for 2 more months.  My "studio" is in a corner of what should be the dining area and consists of my "home made" easel and a side table where I keep all the tools of "my trade."  It may not look neat, but trust me I know where everything is - and I like the fact that it is within arms reach.  So here are a couple of photos of my 4 square foot "studio."

The "Clam Flats" is 4" x 16" on heavy linen canvas paper - done very, very quickly wet into wet with lots of gusto

First we put in the horizon line.  This one being a high horizon as the painting will depict low, low tide - meaning the ocean will be well into the distance

First I put in the sky

Followed by the distant ocean

As you can see - not much ocean as low-low tide is very LOW :>)

OK - I'm going to throw in the "Clam Flats" all in one swoop as it sort of needs to be modeled and stopping to take progress photos is not possible as I have to work very quickly wet into wet.


Being only 4" high by 16" long, a close up photo is not possible so this should give you and idea of the Clam Flats.  Following is a closeup of a portion of the painting to show some of the loose detail.

Hope you enjoyed this demo and until next time - play nice.

JR    :>)