This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

My DW has gone off to do some Yoga so I decided to play with another QUICK/SLOPPY.  Not sure if I will finish it today but TWT

The title refers to the paints used - COMPLIMENTS

Red & Green are compliments
Blue & Orange are compliments

Using complimentary colors presents the opportunity to make these colors stand out as they COMPLIMENT ONE ANOTHER!!!  In this piece, the red vase will tend to compliment the larger green vase (due to size) so the green vase will appear to stand out as brighter - the same case happens with the blue and orange vase.

They brighten and enliven one another!

I of course started with a blank canvas!  I'm using brushes for this piece however that said - and I just said it - I'm using the brushes in a "palette knife" manner in that I put blobs and globs of paint onto the brush and apply it as with a palette knife.  My brushes have very long handles on them so I stand about 3-4 feet away from my palette and painting surface - this gives me better vision and it allows me to SHOOSH with VIGOR!!!  Using the brushes in a palette knife fashion gives a tremendous amount of texture and also with a light touch of hand - it allows for "surface blending" of colors without creating the "DREADED MUD."


A few close-ups so the texture and blending can be seen - beside which it will give my "ATTENTIVE BUDDIES" a few goose bumps :>)

The BG & FG will be the hardest part of this piece - especially since I have no idea of what they will be or how they will look!!!  :>(
 Some times painting from the HIP (no pre-planning) can be a detriment to the painting process - in which case - when that happens - it is time for a break!!!  :>)

When my DW comes home for Yoga we are going for a nice long - brisk walk.  The lunch we had Thursday was very nice - however it is our favorite restaurant and they specialize in the most wonderful deserts - influenced by the FRENCH!
They were SINFUL and WEIGHTFUL!!!!!

My diet efforts were damaged so now instead of only one pound to lose to reach my goal - i have 2 pounds to lose!!!  :>(


I will now have a 100 calorie no fat yogurt for lunch and that's all I'll have!!!
I've just got to win this weight loss contest I have with my DW!!!!

Guess what????????

If I win, I want to be taken to breakfast!!!!!

Geeeezzzzzzzz  I'll never learn!!  :>)

Well, until I return to finish this piece - have a wonderful week-end and ENJOY LIFE!

JR    :>)