This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well, it is almost noon time here in sunny Santa Fe NM - just starting to warm up at tad and has reached 39 degrees.  We are blessed with an abundance of sunshine here in Santa Fe - approx. 320 days a year are sunny!!!!

Today was food shopping day and a quick stop at Sam's Club for gas and some coffee beans.

I decided to do another ocean scene today on a single piece of primed canvas 8 x 10.  Not sure yet what the theme or content will be so I've merely thrown in the sky and I've decided to let that dry and see if I want to do anything crazy or just be normal today!!!!!!   :>)

So here is a simple sky - nothing fancy - a tad darker at the top and lighter at the horizon line as that is what a sky does!

I feel lazy today so perhaps later this afternoon I will go in and do with the sky whatever I end up doing!  No plans yet other than it needs to be lighter at the horizon line.  I'm starting to get thoughts of "Low Tide" and "Clam Flats."  Well I'm sure it will come to me - Time will tell.

Later dudes - time for a nap!!!

JR  :>)