This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello Blog Buddies,

I've decided that until March 1st or better stated - up until the time I pack away my painting gear I will concentrate on very quickly executed still life and landscape pieces.

These will be done with both brush and palette knife individually and collectively with each instrument of my trade!  (That's painter talk!)  :>)

The plein air painting I will be doing when we start our RV life, will be the perfect setting to work on perfecting a style that I consider to be my current path to follow.  As we know, that style most of the time will be LOOSE  done with - EMOTION - EXPRESSION - SPONTANEITY - GUSTO done within varying degrees of this side of:


The other day I came across an artist who describes his painting style and to me it describes what I am trying to accomplish in my walk down the current path of working on a LOOSE style.  Following is a portion of his quote which pertains to my quest:

Thomas Kitts   "When people view my work I want them to see a painting, not a photograph. I want them to experience a surface rife with color, texture, and movement, yet also connect to the reality that gave birth to the art. Up close, I want my surfaces to explode. From a distance, to reassemble back into a whole...................................."
I will never be a detailed - photo realistic paint nor do I want to be.  My enjoyment is having FUN while painting and to that end - the LOOSER the better.

This piece is done in that regard.

12 X 9 on a single primed canvas sheet

As part of the "LOOSE" adventure I will also adopt a beginning of free hand sketching with a small round brush -I feel this process will "establish" the ground work for the boundaries of "LOOSENESS" within each piece.

Soooooooo - enough of the BS and OFF WE GO ------------------

First the free hand quick sketch - QUICK is the the operative word from now on - all process of painting will be QUICK!!!

This is but a "base" color used for the sketching process.  Are the shapes perfect?  NO!  Do the shapes have to be perfect?  HOLY CRAP --- I hope not!!!  Perfection or close to it is not LOOSE or QUICK!!!!!

Those metal objects on the right are "bulldog clips" which is how I hold my canvas (single sheets) on the easel - I also have wax paper taped on behind the canvas as I'm SLOPPY and I use a lot of arm movement and QUICK strokes with a "follow-through" that takes the painting instrument right off the canvas!!!!!

Soooooo we have a BEGINNING!

Next I throw in some color for my road map and when I say THROW - I meant THROW!
I'm using a big brush for this piece and I load it up with blobs & globs of color and apply it to the canvas with LOOSENESS in my mind!

OK - more blobs & globs of color!

As a side note, the shiny surface you see on the right is a reflection of the lighting on the very wet/thick blobs & globs of paint.

A close up just to tease the "ATTENTIVE" BUDS

OK --- now to finish this up!

We need to do some tweaking some softening of edges, some BG and some FG
and DIS & DAT!!

Need to define the direction of the light source - from the left
Also I'll throw in some FG while I'm at it!

This is a good time to slap in the BG and the cast shadows from the pears (BART)

I also need to put a stem on that apple - it looks NAKID!!!!
I think this will just about finish this puppy up!



OK - now for some "ATTENTIVE" buddy close ups



 This is the path I'm going down - not that I won't venture off it on occasion but for the most part this is where I'm finding my painting enjoyment.

Hope you enjoyed the demo.

Until next time - it's Friday so I hope all you Buddies have a wonderful weekend.

JR   :>)