This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Top of the MORNING to Ya - me Buddies,

Well, today is Super Bowl Sunday - I'm not much of a football fan - gets boring after a while.  I'm a native New Englander and have never been a Red Sox or Patriots fan - too many dissappointments to bother hangin in there!!

However my DW likes to watch football and is a die hard Red Sox and Patriot fan and a die hard New Englander.  Soooooo we will watch the Super Bowl, have pizza and enjoy the afternoon.  It starts at 4-ish here----  so my hope is that we turn on the TV around 3:59-ish :>)

In the mean time, and after the mean time, and we shall start with the "after the mean time" ----- we will take a nice long walk down in the Plaza area and up Canyon Road - mostly walking and window looking.  I'd like to get in a good one hour+ very brisk walk.  I'm trying to get down to 150 by April 1 and I'm down to 153 now!  My DW and I have a bet as to who looses a certain # of pounds first - we are neck to neck at the moment but I want to win.

Now back to the beginning of "in the mean time." 

I woke up with the words "INCOMING" in my tiny little mind this morning so I decided to do another palette knife piece - HOLY CRAP I LOVE MY PALETTE KNIFE!!!!!

This will be 9 x 12 on a single sheet of canvas - done very quickly in various steps as I am really using a large quantity of BLOBS & GLOBS of JUICY paint!!

I'm not quite sure what the "INCOMING" is so I will most likely leave that to the interpretation of the viewer.

So my Buddies - let's begin - CHARGE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First off I'll start with just a straight line to represent the approximate location of the horizon - although that could change as this will be another semi-abstract piece.

Once again, not BRAIN SURGERY!!!!!

OK - for my own edification, I counted the swooshes and swipes with my trusty palette knife - fully loaded with BLOBS & GLOBS of JUICY paint.
I made a total of 27 swooshes done in 11 minutes with lots of gusto-emotion-expression and of course the ever popular SPONTANEITY!!!!  :>)

So without further explanation, here is the results:

I now have to let this rest and set at this point to let the paint set-up a bit as there is a lot of it and I would run the risk of making the DREADED MUD if I continued.
My services are needed else where as it is time for me to start my reading/editing of the first couple of chapters of the sequel to The Christmas Village.  I've been looking forward to this!!!!!!!  My DW Melissa and I have discussed and brain stormed before she started "fingers to keyboard" so now I get to see the results of those sessions!


I will most likely let the painting rest until tomorrow as between reading/editing/power walking and the Stupid WHOOPS Super Bowl I'm sure I will not have time to return to the easel.

Until next time my friends----------------------------------------------------------------------

JR   :>)