This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Howdy Y'all,

JR wanted me to welcome you guys this morning as he is out doing the food shopping and running some errands.

I'm JEB - I'm going to be showing JR and his DW around the RV Resort that they will be staying at for a week in early May here in San Antonio TX.

  I think they will need some help with the RV as this is the first one they ever done had!!!!  The first thing they will need help with is backing that 31 foot RV onto their site pad.  I'm going to let JR try it and if I'm not laughing too hard I may help him :>)  After I let him struggle a bit!!!!  Ya see - here in TEXAS y'all need to know how to fend for yourselves cause this ain't no sissy state!!!

I'll jump in and help - just before he starts cussing or crying!!  Backing up a 31' RV is no piece of cake.  JR has a rear camera - that just might stop ya from running over someone or hitting a tree or fence!  I know JR's DW Melissa will be outside the RV using a walkie talkie to try and guide and assist him - let's hope she can do it!  I understand JR can get his lefts and rights mixed up!  :>)  However I'll make sure they finally get settled in!

The next fun thing will be the first time they have to empty their black water tank - the equivalent of a septic tank in a home.  Now that should be one of the funniest things I'll most likely see during their week here in San Antonio.  I sure am going to have some fun!  I just love watching a NEWBIE try to do RV things!!!  :>)

I know - I know - he has been studying and watching RV videos, but that book learning stuff just ain't the REAL THING!!!

OK - he should be home soon - Sooooooooo let's keep our conversation private just between us'ins!!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Blog Buddies,

I'm back from my grocery shopping - we got some snow last night - just a dusting+ but then it froze and the going was quite slippery and slow.

I had my GOOD FRIEND JEB from San Antonio fill in for me as I knew I would be late getting back home this morning.  ISN'T HE A COOL GUY - AND SO HELPFUL!!!!

I met him on an RV blog and when he found out we were coming to San Antonio for a week at the  beginning of May - he told me that he lives in San Antonio and would give us a helping hand getting settled as this is our very first RV!  Now that is a pretty friendly and kind thing to do.

Well, I'm going to try a finish up the painting I started yesterday of the aspens & pines and then perhaps start another one as I only have about 15 more days to paint as all my painting "STUFF" needs to get packed up come the first week of March!

March will be busy - getting ready to move out of our TINY UNIT as well as trying to fit everything into our STORAGE BUNKER.  Additionally I want to bone up on all my RV videos and articles I've accumulated over the past year.  Of great importance will be the driving videos as I'm still a bit concerned about tooling down the road in a 31 foot RV with a 10 foot long car in tow.  YIKES - HOLY CRAP!!!!!

Plus I don't want JEB to think that I'm just a dumb old NEWBIE ------ I'm sure he won't!!!!!

Well I may return later today with a finished painting TWT :>) 

Enjoy your day and make it a nice day for others - open a door for someone - say YO to someone - so easy to do and when that person smiles - you'll be happy.
JR    :>)