This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, February 27, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

During the past week I heard via email from 2 cousins, Marjorie and Donna.  I have not had contact with them for quite a long time - for all the stupid reasons - people get busy, people move to different parts of the country, people just don't have the time and all the other stupid stuff!!!!!  :>( 

Their mother and father - my Auntie Kay and Uncle Donald were my most favorite people when growing up.  My dad was kind of a stick in the mud - nice guy but way too serious and just did not know how to have a good time.  HOWEVER------ that said and I just said it - Auntie Kay & Uncle Donald just could not seem to NOT HAVE A GOOD TIME.  I used to visit them and I would stay the whole summer (if I could), it depended on my grumpy dad!!!  I absolutely loved going to stay with them and every visit be it for a week or two or just an afternoon - are indeed some of my fondest memories growing up.  Auntie Kay was my mother's sister.

So - a family connection was re-established and it feels good!

OK - I had some RV administrative duties to perform this morning and after that I decided to do a MONOCHROMATIC OCEAN scene.  Perhaps a strange choice, but this whole MONOCHROMATIC thing has my interest as I used to love those OLD WEST sepia photographs you could get taken - you know those ones where you put on the old time dusty - smelly outfits and had some SEPIA photos taken!

Sooooo anyhoooooo - MONOCHROMATIC work my not be to the liking of everyone but as I like to say "IT'S MY BLOG AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!" :>)

I did not take progress photos as I do most of the time as I've got 4,271 things on my mind with the moving-the packing-the RV-the increasing gas prices-the laundry-the food shopping-the............................................ well - you get the idea.  Sooooooo taking progress photos totally escaped my overloaded mind!!

This presentation will be quick - the painting was done with a large brush - wet into wet - very quickly - with emotion - expression of stroke and a shot of gusto for good measure!

"A shot of gusto" - that makes me smile JR!!!!!  You one funny guy!!!!

Well - I try!!!!
OK back to business - the first thing I do is throw and I mean THROW in the sky
You buddies know me - when I work quickly - WATCH OUT!!!


The lady in the third row - 4th seat from the left just whispered to her friend "a sky should not be brown!"
OH MAN------- I will say it one more time and one more time only this is a

Excuse me lady-------------- did you just ask me what a 

Would the security guard please escort this lady and her sidekick OUT!!!!

OK - WHEW - I will have to beef up security again at the front door!  :>) 

OK - as I mentioned I did not take progress photos I did however take some close ups!

BAM - DONE!!!!!!

Now for my ANAL  WHOOPS my "ATTENTIVE" buddies


Well -I hope you enjoyed this demo I had fun doing it and I have to say that I'm still liking the MONOCHROMATIC style so I may do a few more before I get it out of my system and then perhaps later I'll go back to it again.

I will be teaching very, very informal SHORT PAINTING DEMOS while going from place to place on our RV journey and I'm thinking this MONOCHROMATIC approach might be good for this as the first thing people who are learning ask is 
"What colors should I use?"

MONOCHROMATIC sure would limit their choices and make my job easier too!!

I think I mentioned that the name of our RV is DREAMCATCHERS

I designed a logo and this logo in a format of L-31 x W 15 will be on the back of our RV - dead center and we also had some T-shirts and sweat shirts made up with the logo on the back.  How COOL is that!!!!!!


If you are behind us - TOOT - we'll stop and let you buy us LUNCH!!!!

JR   :>)