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This Land is My Land


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Monday, February 20, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Started a new painting this morning before finishing up the one I started a couple of days ago.  I woke up this morning with the word MONOCHROMATIC in my mind.
WHY???  HELL I have no idea!!!

First off I had to box up a painting that I'm shipping to N. Carolina for an RV couple that I met on an RV blog and they follow my RVPAINTER BLOG.

I have to say that I got so involved in this MONOCHROMATIC painting that I totally neglected to take any progress photos!!!  DUH!!!!

To be honest I was so mesmerized as to how the painting was progressing that I was engulfed into it!

This started out as a QUICK/SLOPPY ( maybe 10 degrees this side of SLOPPY ) and for some reason I became totally involved in the texture and the shading of the monochromatic color scheme.  I rarely get that involved with any painting - most of the time my hand is moving and dipping but my strange little mind is out in left field some place!!

I did a free hand sketch using a neutral color and a round brush - no pre-sketching with pencil and no pre-thought out design - JUST PAINT IT!!!!

I started to inject DETAIL ( I don't use that word very often!!) into the painting and for my current state of QUICK/SLOPPY this piece is 80 degrees this side of that style.  WHY DID I DO THAT - HELL I DON'T KNOW!!!!

9 x 12 on a single sheet of primed canvas - using 3 colors

Titan Buff (light color)
Bronze Yellow (darker color)
Titanium White (for highlight only)

Some close ups for my ANAL WHOOPS "ATTENTIVE" blog buddies

Hope you enjoyed this demo - I can honestly say that I fully enjoyed doing it.
A departure from my current pathway of painting progression but yet a very enjoyable departure.


JR    :>)