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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Acadia Day 2 Post 1

Yo my friends,

Well today appears to be our first cloudy day - we had quite a lengthy rain event overnight and the rain came down pretty heavy.

Yesterday we went to another part of the Acadia NP and it of course was just as beautiful as the part we went to on day 1.  This adventure included:

Summer Harbor
Winter Harbor
Schoodic Peninsula

Schoodic Peninsula is the only section that is part of the NP

From here we back tracked and went into the major portion of the NP and stopped at:

Southwest Harbor
Bass Harbor

The best part of all these stops was Southwest Harbor - stunning area and IMHO the most beautiful part of the NP thus far.
We stopped for a quick lunch in Southwest Harbor and I once again ventured out on my quest to find the best clam CHOWDA! We ate at a little side walk cafe' called Cafe 2.  The CHOWDA had some not so good parts and some very good parts.

The very good parts - It was a white CHOWDA the taste of the broth was excellent as was the aroma

The not so good parts - it was not a thick broth - more like a soup - there were not a lot of clams in it and the potatoes we cubed way too big - it had kernel corn in it and I'm sorry to say my ancient plumbing and digestive system will not tolerate corn!!!  So in my search for the perfect CHOWDA this CHOWDA  is in LAST PLACE.

Now for some photos!

Where's the ocean?????

Wild iris growing up between a section of ledge

Looking up some ledge towards the land

Wild flower just off a hiking trail

I will send some more photos is another blog posting -

:>)     JR