This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Acadia NP - Post 2

Yo - this will be a continuation of post 1 with more photos.

Main Street Southwest Harbor

Sidewalk cafe' Cafe 2
Not so good CHOWDA

Southwest Harbor scenes 

Bass Harbor Head Light which is operated by the Coast Guard.  A Coast Guard family lives in the house attached to the light tower - I believe this is a 2-year tour of duty.

Once again - sea roses in bloom!!!!  YA GOTTA LUV EM!!!!!!!!
Once the blooms are done, little pods of Rose Hips are left and the birds just LUV Em!!!


A beautiful area - if you live close enough - come see Acadia NP - you will be glad you did!

As I mentioned, we will be heading out on Monday to Nova Scotia - Hubbards Beach - for a month long stay and after that, on into Old Quebec for a 3 week stay.
Sooooooo we will be in Canada for close to 2 months and I'm not sure about WiFi connectivity!!!
We can't use the Verizon Hot Spot connection as it is way too costly for coverage outside the USA so we will be at the whim of the connectivity provided at the RV Park.
Should they have Starbucks in Nova Scotia we can always try that if in a pinch.
Sooooo starting next week my postings maybe scattered -Time Will Tell

Today being quite cloudy, we think will be a "stay at home day" do some reading and I think I will make a batch of brownies!!!!  :>)

Later my good friends

JR  :>)