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This Land is My Land


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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family Reunion - A tap on the shoulder

Hi blog buddies,

Well, today Sunday 6/3/2012 was a very special day and a very, very nice day.  We had a family reunion at my sister's house in Dover NH.  I was able to see cousins, nieces, nephews, sister, brother and others that I have not seen since we moved to the Southwest 12 years ago.  Some of the folks who came today I have not seen for longer than 12 years and I must say I was so happy to see these folks again!

Time passes and we all seem to fall into that trap of accepting the absence of family in our lives - we get busy - we move to opposite sides of the country etc etc!!!!!

I was reminded today that FAMILY is very precious and needs to be seen - certainly more often than I have seen my family members.  Nieces and nephews have had children that I have never seen until today - so today family ties were renewed and I hope we all can keep them in the fore front of our lives.  It's easy to communicate these days, even if just by email - just to say hello - thinking about you and hope all is well.

I hope to do much better in this area - certainly much better than during the past 12+ years!!!

If you have lost contact with family members, do what you can to renew those family ties - they are precious and that is the tap on the shoulder that I got today.

A very special and happy day today!

JR     :>)