This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well as some of you have seen I loaded up a couple of pictures using Melissa's computer.  I have a 10.5 inch netbook which is a slow "poor mans computer" couple that with a very slow Wifi, I think the problem posting pictures on my blog using my computer is a combination of slow WiFi and a slow processing computer.

Welllllllll - Melissa has an 18" lap top!!!!!  Very high speed processing etc etc.  Being a writer, she needs this power.

I'm hoping when we get to an RV park with a good wifi system my problems will go away!  Until then - no pictures and I've got a ton of them to send!!!!

Sort of a semi-cloudy day today which is good as my skin needs a rest from the sun!!!!  We are thinking of going up into Camden Maine which is another area we frequented when living in Maine for abut 20 years.  Very pretty coastal seaport area with charming homes, nice stores and great restaurants.  The movie Peyton Place was filmed here!!!!!

Th other day we visited an artist friend Jan Kilburn ( ) a wonderful artist in Damariscotta ME. is the person who taught me not to be afraid of color!!!!  She uses a lot of color in the most wonderful way.  Jan mentioned an exhibit was going to open at the Mid Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay with the opening 5-7 PM.  So we went to the exhibit - enjoyed it very much and when I walked in - I said to Melissa "Isn't that Maddie Lou Chapman over there?"  Maddie is another artist friend we use to do art shows with while living in Maine and Melissa plays the game Words with friends with Maddie on their i-phones.  Well Melissa walked up to Maddie and said "Maddie I came all this way to finish our game IN PERSON!!!"  Well, Maddie to say the least was quite surprised to see the both of us standing in front of her!

I could not find a web site for Maddie - (if you do have one Maddie - send it to me and I will post it on my blog.)

We had a great reunion with both Jan and Maddie - just no telling where this RV-ing can bring you!!!!

We found out two pieces of sad information - 2 artist friends Judi Wagner ( East Boothbay ME ) and Nancy Gagnon (Derry NH) have passed away.  Judie also cured my fear of color as she once told me "Use paint like you are a Millionaire!!!)

We visited Ron and Monique Parry - two very talented artist - we found them getting ready for a yard sale - having sold their house and preparing to move to Florida.

We visited Tony Van Hasselt and his wife Jan - Tony is a very famous international artist - who was and still is my painting idol.  Our gallery was just up the street from his gallery in East Boothbay - two wonderful people. 

Soooo our walk down memory lane in Damariscotta and East Boothbay was wonderful - the news of the passing of two friends also brought back nice memories of our times with them in the art community.

This stop has been a wonderful time and so many, many memories have been presented to us and the memories of this visit will stay with us for a long time!

Well, got to get ready for our drive up to Camden so until next time.

JR   :>)