This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nova Scotia

Yo Blog Buddies,

Well, we decided to drive longer today ( 6 hours ) and get to our destination of Hubbards Beach in Nova Scotia..  It rained most of the way here, and some of it was torrential!!!!  As we got closer to our destination, the fog rolled in - which of course excites Melissa and the rain was coming down even harder!!!  :>(   It is still raining and it is still raining - hard!!!!  :>(

We'll wait and check the extended forecast later as sometimes it is better NOT KNOWING!!!

Welllll - we are parked here for A MONTH - (if we don't get flooded out!!)  There is a nice beach a 5 minute walk away and lots of interesting places to go and see.  We are on the "Lighthouse Route" with about 5 - 6 of them to go visit and perhaps paint.  Lots of relaxing - reading - writing and painting to do.

With gas about a buck more per gallon equivalent than we had been paying, the Honda Fit with 30-33 MPH will be enjoyed and the RV can save it's gas!!!!

A lot of RV parks have sort of permanent residents in that they rent a space for the year and keep their rigs in the RV park all the time and most have built decks etc around them.  They use them as summer cottages and close them up for the winter just as one would do to a cottage.

This of course cuts down on the availability for "visitors" such as us.  We reserved this one month  stay this past January!!!!

Well, time for coffee and a treat if we have any - I think the only treats we have would be Fig Newtons which I love.

OK my friends - WiFi seems to be good at least at the moment so I will blog whenever possible, as well as photos of this area of Nova Scotia.

JR   :>)