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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lake Pemaquid Camping

Yo my friends,

Well here we are at Lake Pemaquid Camping in Damariscotta Maine.  This is real nice lake front camping and having made the reservations quite a while ago we were able to reserve a lake front site.

HOWEVER -------------- Last week this area of Maine got 10 - 12 inches of rain so THEREFORE all the lake front RV sites were FLOODED OUT and can not be used!!!!  Soooo once again we are nestled amongst the towering pines!  It was raining when we got here and still is - so setting up the RV in its space was done in the rain.  After setting up, I noticed the EMS/ Surge electrical system was flashing an error code meaning LOW VOLTAGE BELOW 104V.  The EMS/Surge protector would not allow the electricity to turn on.  This is the second time this unit has saved us from possible damage to the RV's electrical system and the electronics in the RV!!!!!  WOO - HOO!!

Soooooooo we had to un-hook the RV ( yes - in the rain) and move to a different site and setup the RV at the new site - (yes - in the rain!!!)  I think someone is trying to help me get over my fear of rain - it's starting to work!!!!

They (the weather weenies) say that the weather will clear and this area is suppose to have about 10 days of semi cloudy/sunny days with ZERO % chance of rain.  If you believe that ----- I've got a bridge to sell you!!!!!!   This is Maine and the only time there could be 10 days without rain would be if the world came to an end!!!!! I hope the weenies are right but on average they are not right.

I hope it does stop for a few days, as it is quite muddy in here and I don't think the ground can take much more rain.

Because of the rain, there are a lot of mosquitoes - which may not be a problem as we will be off on our adventures and visits and won't be spending a lot of time in the campground amongst the pines and the mosquitoes.  Having lived in the southwest for the past 12 years, mosquitoes and bugs in general are something we did not have.

As I always say "give me a good drought anytime!!!"

Well, we are dry - warm - and content in our little house - with a refrig full of food - a nice pot of coffee brewing (French roast - fresh ground beans) and a bowl of fresh strawberries.  What the hell else could anyone want!!!!!   :>)  

So we got quite wet today on three different occasions - but all is well - so I guess rain is not to be as feared as much as I fear it.  I'm trying!!!!!

Later Dudes-------------------------

JR    :>)