This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Merrimack NH

Yo my friends,

Well, we are sitting in the D. W. Diner in Merrimack NH.  Our RV is just up the road at Campers Inn - having warranty work done on the levelers and the slide out room.

This could be a long day, but the Budweiser Brewery is just up the street and they give free tours plus the horses are housed here as well.  You can also get free samples of beer - but I don't drink so I'll pass on that.

If you are ever in Merrimack NH, go to the D. W. Diner (Daniel Webster Hyway) for breakfast or lunch.  I had 2 pancakes and home fries.  The pancakes were fantastic and the home fries were REAL potatoes fried up with onion in them.  This was not that frozen stringy crap some places try to pass off as home fries or hash browns!!!!  This was the real Mc-Coy!!!!  I would have added some sliced green peppers to the mix - but all the same - a great breakfast and the coffee is good also!!!

Can't speak for lunch but if we are still here come lunch time - we may try it out or just woof down a DQ!!!!

If Camping Inn does not finish the work today, they have overnight spaces available - for free - with electrical hook ups so we may stay the night here instead of returning to Salisbury Beach - so they can finish the work tomorrow time will tell!!!!!

We will also fill our propane tank while here as well as buy a few things we need for the RV.  A 25 foot 30amp electrical extension cord - which I noticed was on sale $10 off.  Sooner of later we'll stop at a camp ground and we'll need an extension to reach the electrical hookup - so best be prepared.  We should also get a 5 foot sewer hose extension but I'll wait on that until we need it.

The little electric heater we got this week works very well - it's a ceramic heater with 2 settings 750 & 1,500 watts - very quiet fan on it and after on for about 2 hours at 1,500 watts the RV is quite comfortable.  Our furnace is a 40,000 BTU unit and keeps us nice a warm as well. Our electricity is free 99% of the time but it's good to have a full tank of propane so we can run the furnace if really needed.

Well, take care my friends and have a good day.

JR  :>)