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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Customer Service

Well, on Wednesday June 6, we spent 9 hours at Campers Inn - Merrimack NH.  We had scheduled an appointment on May 18th for today - June 6 at 8am.

The folks at Campers Inn we very pleasant - helpful and professional.  Eric Blackey who wrote up the service was extremely professional and helpful.  The repair took longer than they had planned on but all at present seems to be working correctly.

One problem we did have was with an employee named Scott Murphy.  My wife had been talking to Scott Murphy several times regarding the repair of our leveling system.  We also needed a repair on our slide out room and she mentioned this to Scott Murphy.  His reply was along the lines of oh sure we can do that and in the event we don't finish it you folks can stay in the parking lot at Campers Inn as we have free electrical hook up.

All of a sudden I think Scott Murphy had a relapse of both his memory and his logic - as he became rather hostile to us and for some reason decided to "BAD MOUTH" us as being "People who were receiving SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!"  As I say our appointment for the leveler problem was made on May 18 for 8am June 6.  So that certainly can't be considered "SPECIAL TREATMENT!!!!!"  We made a friggin appointment almost three weeks in advance!!!!!  DUH!!!!!!

We caught wind of the "BAD MOUTHING" while waiting 9 hours in their waiting room and there was a very noticeable under current of Scott Murphy trashing us - THE CUSTOMER!!!!!!  Welllllllll the outcome was - we were told that they would not have time to even look at the slide problem and were booked solid for the next couple of weeks.

Scott Murphy is the one who said they could work on the slide problem and even offered us free overnight camping in their parking lot in case they needed time the next day to finish the job.

I would recommend Campers Inn to fellow RV-ers - however STAY SWAY FROM SCOTT MURPHY - It seems he makes promises he can't keep and then verbally trashes the customer to cover up his apparent STUPIDITY.  He is not a nice person and he is not customer service oriented  - he is a true non- professional.  Sooooo stay away from SCOTT MURPHY - HE IS BAD NEWS!!!!

Scott Murphy never made himself know to us while we waited 9 hours - nor did he introduce himself to us - nor did he come out and say "gee I'm sorry but I just can't fit in the slide repair as I had hoped I could.  Hmmmmmmmm is he shy or just truly ignorant?

We spoke to the service manager for whom Scott Murphy works and the service manager admitted he heard the under tones of Scott Murphy "bad mouthing us" - He said he would talk to Scott Murphy.

Campers Inn - GOOD -------- Scott Murphy - BAD!!!!

JR  :>)