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This Land is My Land


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Now the RAINS come

Yo Blog Buddies,

Well for our week in Damariscotta we had a good 5 wonderful sunny days and here in Bar Harbor we have had 3 out of 5 days of FANTASTIC weather!!  Mother Nature has a way of evening things out as yesterday was quite cloudy and a tad chilly and last night we had LOTS OF RAIN FOR MOST OF THE NIGHT!!!  Rain of course sounds much worse when in the RV as there is very little space between the ceiling and the roof - so each rain drop is much louder and closer!!!

In checking the forecast for Nova Scotia, the next 5 days at least they are forecasting cloudy and rain/thunder showers.  That being the case, I'm sure :> ) Mother Nature will provide just as many sun shinny days after the cloudy/showery days conclude.

If during our one month stay in Nova Scotia we have at least 50% of the days nice and sunny - we will have come out ahead of the game.

Nova Scotia will bring about a change in our travel habits in that the RV will be parked in one spot for an entire month.  So we need to adjust our life style somewhat and sort of get out of the "vacation" mode.  The first part of our RV journey we realized we would feel like we are on vacation and we allowed for that "over spending" in our budget.  We overspent on gas as we were driving a lot to get to predetermined places at a predetermined date.  We overspent on food as being on the road constantly the ability to cook our own meals became less appealing after driving for 6 hours - so we ate out too much.  Our RV Park expense was just about on target.

Soooooooo in Nova Scotia we will eat out less - we will save big $$$$$'s on gas due to being stationary for a month and we will cook our own food more and go out to eat less.  Perhaps out once a week for lunch.  We will also develop a daily "schedule" that works for us.  Melissa is anxious to get back into her writing and I into my painting.  We are both "morning" people so at least 4 mornings a week we will work at our "JOBS" - writing and painting.  Three days a week we will travel in our car ( 31 MPG ) sightseeing and checking out little Canadian Hamlets around Nova Scotia.  I carry my painting "stuff" in the car so while sightseeing, we can stop at a nice beach - relax and perhaps write and paint as well.  This should give us a good mixture of WORKING & PLAYING!!!!

Most people who go into RV-ing full time spend the first few months being "ON VACATION"!!!
I just read the blog of a couple and the bottom line was "Well - after 6 months of being full time and being ON VACATION - it is time for us to settle down - take control of the budget and come OFF VACATION for more days than ON VACATION!!!

The rain has seemed to stop for a while - so if it continues not to rain - later in the day we can do those "preparation things" that can be done ahead for our departure tomorrow.

We figure for comfort we will take 2 1/2  days to get to our destination at Hubbards Beach Nova Scotia -   This means we will stop and stay overnight Monday and Tuesday in an RV Park along the way to Hubbards.  We figure on arriving at Hubbards sometime Wednesday afternoon around 2PM.  It is 450 miles to Hubbards.  We could drive longer on Mon & Tues and perhaps get there on Tuesday but our schedule as planned will allow us to drive less and enjoy the trip more.

Sooooo enjoy the day my friends and as I say, my blog postings for the next month will depend on the presence of usable RV Park WiFi and/or free WiFi locations within Nova Scotia.
Do they have StarBucks in Nova Scotia????   :>)

As my artist friend Dale says "Work the day and let the day work you!"

JR    :>)