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This Land is My Land


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Friday, June 29, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, off to Halifax we went this morning!  The first thing we did was to visit The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  This is right on the waterfront and all sorts of interesting history regarding the boating and shipping history of the area.  The most interesting was the exhibit of the sinking of the Titanic - this being the 100 anniversary!!!  All sorts of items retrieved from the sunken ship as well as a great reporting of the accident.  Nova Scotia payed a part in the rescue of passengers and the recovery of bodies.  The vessel sank off the waters of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  The exhibit was amazing!!!!

We then took a harbor cruise on the Silva a 3-masted tall ship - really cool - very soothing and peaceful.

After the cruise, we set off walking to find a Radio Shack (called SOURCE) out here in Canada.
Our newly replace GPS stopped working on our drive from Acadia.!   It would not seem to charge when using the 12v in the car and would run the battery down and it would shut off!!!  This was the same problem as the first one and we explained that when we shipped it back!!!  We shipped back the GPS and all the connectors etc that came GPS but shipped back the connectors we had returned - thereby shipping us back the faulty 12v connector.   We found the SOURCE store in downtown Halifax - bought a new 12v connector and the GPS appears to work fine now!!
Time will tell!!!!

For lunch we went to a restaurant on the waterfront called Murphy's and split a serving of Fish & Chips - it was great - very lightly battered in a beer batter - deep fried and it was so tender and fresh!

OK dudes - I tried to load some photos but NO GO!!!!!  The RV Park is close to full now, so a lot of folks trying to use the RV Park WiFi so it is a slow as cold mollases running uphill!!!
So I will try again tomorrow morning B4 people awaken!!!!  :>)

July 1 is Canada Day which is why the RV Park is full, so I"m sure there will be some celebrating tonight and most of the folks will not be rolling out of bed any too early in the morning!!!!
Canada Day is the same to them as our 4th of July.

So excuse the spelling errors as Google spell check does not want to work!

Take care my friends.

JR      :>)