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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, we had a great time in Camden today!!  We started the morning off with a mocha and a muffin!!!  When we lived in Maine for 20+ years, we use to go to Camden a lot - it is an old seaport town with lots of history and just a wonderful place to visit! I'ts been 12+ years since we have been there and to our surprise not a lot has change which is good!

We then walked all around the town and into most of the stores.  Camden has a very beautiful harbor.

During our walking around, we looked at various menus and selected the place we would return for lunch.  I have been on a quest to find the best clam CHOWDA!!!   It has to be rich and creamy (white) and loaded with small diced potatoes - onion and lots and lots of clams!!!  There is a red clam chowda - I think it is called Manhattan clam chowda - but that does not cut in in New England!!!!
So we picked out this restaurant which claimed "Famous Clam Chowda."


It has been there for like Ever and the chowda was very good - creamy, white, and lots of potato, onion and clams.  However I would have to say the the CLAM CHOWDA I had at Allissions in Dock Square Kennebunkport ME was better and the best I've had thus far in New England.

The sea roses were in full bloom

The harbor had lots of boats, there were lots of folks having lunch and all in all in was a perfect day!

A New England LOBSTA BOAT!

We went to a couple of other small fishing village towns south of Camden on our way back to our home and I will show those to you tomorrow - don't want YA getting bored by showing too much at once!!

Another great day - I just can't believe this weather - but I sure will take it and appreciate it!!

Later my buddies

JR     :>)