This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well today we depart Salmon Falls River Campground and head for Damariscotta Maine for a week!

As I mentioned, we only came to Salmon Falls - (Lebanon Maine) to get our slide fixed which did not come even close to happening - They did not even try - so we will leave here a day early as other than the Salmon Falls Cafe' & Bar there JUST AIN'T NUTTING HERE!!!!

It is raining a moderate but steady pace out there and this will be the first time since starting our journey on April 5th that we have had to unhook the RV and hook up the car for towing in the rain.  This will be a chore for me as having a deep rooted fear of rain - it will be an interesting challenge for me.  I've been working on this fear during our journey and I feel that I have made some progress on looking beyond the fear and just accepting the happening.

We lived in East Boothbay Maine - very close to Damariscotta - as a matter of fact we came close to buying a house there instead of East Boothbay.  Damariscotta is also close to Camden a favorite place for us - as well as other favorite places in the area.  So we will take another walk down memory lane as well as visit some friends in East Boothbay.

I really hope to get back into my painting during this one week stay as this area was a favorite painting place for 7 years in addition to having our own gallery in East Boothbay for those 7 years.  I also have some very good artist friends to visit - Tony Van Hasselt, Judie Wagner and Jan Kilburn to name a few.  Tony and Judie are based in East Boothbay and Jan is in Damariscotta.  These folks are always teaching workshops so if I catch them in during this week, I will be very fortunate!

Well time to finish the coffee and then put on the "water wings" and start the procedure of getting ready to move out.

Google blog will still not allow pictures to be posted within the body of the text - but I will keep on trying.

Hope you guys feel happiness in your hearts today and the warmth of the sun on your shoulders.

JR   :>)