This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well, here we are in Trenton ME. about 10 minutes from Bar Harbor.  We are at the Timberland Acres RV Park in a nice WIDE OPEN SITE - NO FOREST NEAR US!!!  WOO-HOO!!!!  There are 246 RV sites in this park and my best guess less than 1/2 are occupied.  Bar Harbor is one of the many scenic harbors on the Desert Island - I did not know Bar Harbor was on an Island!!!  I remember some connection with Bar harbor and my mother but cannot remember what it was - perhaps if my sister knows she will email me and le me know.  We got here about 11:30 this morning - hooked up the RV and headed out to explore Bar Harbor.  It is a beautiful harbor with lots of quaint shops and boats and all the Maine coastal town sites one wants to see.

We walked around for quite a while and then found a great ice cream shoppe and we both got hot fudge sundaes with pistachio ice cream - whipped cream and nuts - best pistachio ice cream I've ever had - chock full with pistachios!!!!!

We then found a small park overlooking the harbor and sat on the grass under the shade of a tree and just looked at the ocean

Tomorrow we are going to tour several other HABAAAAAHH'S - Seal Harbor - Northeast Harbor.

Main Street into Baaaaaaah Habaaaaah
The ocean is at the end of the street

The Habahhhhh

One of the many seafood restaurants

A 4 masted sail boat

More sea roses in full bloom

More Rocky Coast

Fishing Trawler

There is a one mile walkway along the ocean - so soothing!!!!

4 masted schooner under full sale

Melissa returning from a walk in the seaside park - I opted for a power nap - Melissa's sister's husband Terry taught me about Power Naps - thanks Terry - they work!!!!

Well, hope you enjoyed more of the Maine coast - we are having a blast!!!!  It was quite warm here today (we have the A/C blasting on high!!!  Between the warm weather , the walking (lots of it) and the salt air - we will sleep good tonight.

Later my friends

JR      :>)