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This Land is My Land


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Monday, June 11, 2012

We have departed the Salisbury Beach State Campground

Yo my friends,

Well, our time at the Salisbury Beach State Park has come to an end.  It was a lovely stay - even with the rain as we managed to get 4 days on the beach and visited some places we frequented when we lived in York Beach.  All in all a great stay.

When we got back from the beach yesterday, we noticed our electricity was not ON!!!!  A long story short - when I was researching RV life, I became aware that lots of RV parks do not have CLEAN electricity in that surges can happen as well as a decrease in electricity supply.  Sooooooo I researched surge protection devices and had one installed in our RV.

Basically before allowing the electricity to come on it runs some tests and if the electrical input is not within the proper range, it will not allow the electricity to come on.  Also if there is a spike or drop in the electrical input that is not acceptable, it will immediately SHUT THE ELECTRICAL OFF!!!!!  This was a God send yesterday in that the surge device recorded a spike up to the 238 volt level.  We were on a 20 amp 120v power supply.  The Surge device shut the power off!!!

Thank goodness as a fellow a few spots down from us with a very large Class A (bus type) RV did not have a surge protection device.  The electronics in his RV were FRIED!!!!  Best guess $3,000 - $5,000 damage!!!!!  The park does have insurance for this so perhaps it will not cost him any money to get all fixed - just time.

Research - research - research!!!!!  That said his RV had to cost about $250,000 and one would think a surge protection system would be standard equipment!!!!!!  They cost about $600 installed!!!!

We are now at the Honda Dealer in Dover NH as we noticed the other night that we do not have any tail lights!!!!!!  The brake lights and blinkers work fine but when the headlights are on - NO TAIL LIGHTS!!!!!  This can be very upsetting to a person behind us - also a tad dangerous!!! So we hope to get that corrected.

We are on our way to Lebanon Maine after our repair at Honda.  We need to have adjustments made to our slide out - so we will be there for three nights.

Later my friends - and remember Research - Research - Research - it can pay off!!!!

JR   :>)