This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well this morning we went out to breakfast to a "Down East" kind of place in Damariscotta Square called CRISSY'S -I spotted it yesterday when we were walking around - we went in - scoped out the place and it was very much to our liking!!!  Nice menu with a big choice in foods.  I got 2 eggs scrambled with home fries and 4 slices of toast.  $5 - YES $5 - Ya can't beat that!!!!  Generous portion also and great home fries - diced up real potatoes with onion and green peppers.  Melissa got the breakfast sandwich - egg and cheese with choice of bacon, ham or sausage on a homemade English muffing - with home fries $5 - YES $5!!!  Bargain of the century!!!

We went out to Pemaquid and it was foggy, no sunshine and a real cool breeze coming off the ocean.  so we came back to our RV site - nice and warm - and sunny.  Our site does not get much sunshine so we are across the street in a vacant site sitting in our beach chairs - Melissa writing and I did a sketch of Pemaquid from a photo. So there is more than one way to skin a cat - not that I would ever skin a cat!!!!  :>)

I've got two sketches of Pemaquid now to paint and I've decided to paint them loosely and title them "Pemaquid in the Rough No. I - No. II".   It is starting on 4 months of not painting and I need to do a couple of loose pieces to get back my arm movements as well as my gusto!!!

Later this afternoon we may scoot over to Pemaquid as it seems to be clearing now in that direction - it's about a 1/2 hour + drive from our RV site - they have a gift shop and restaurant & ice cream shoppe there and I think it's time we got an ice cream and walked around a bit and perhaps some more photos for future paintings.

I will try and send out the photos I took earlier this week of Pemaquid - since I now am able to send pictures.  I think it was very smart of Google to not make it possible for the new Google blog to work with Internet Explorer!  To be honest, I never liked Internet Explorer and Google Chrome is soooooooooo much faster than Internet Explorer.

OK my friends - later I'll send some photos and then we'll get ready to vacate this campground in the morning and head north about 3+  hours into the Acadia region of Maine.  We will be in an RV Park in Trenton Maine not far from Bar Harbor.  The RV Park has a free shuttle that brings you into the Acadia Park - so that should be fun and we'll also explore Bar Harbor a bit.  Only there for 4 nights so we'll fit in as much as we can!!

Take care my friends -

JR    :>)