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This Land is My Land


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 2 Nova Scotia

Day 2 - Nova Scotia,

Well day 2 has started out quite cloudy - however on the horizon we can see hints of blue sky.
The weather forecast is for partly cloudy with a high of 62 degrees.  My motto is "any day without rain is a good day!"  I've made some progress on my fear of rain --- however I'm much happier when there is no rain!  :>) 

The eastern seacoast is subject to changeable weather patterns - in New England they say "if you don't like the weather - wait a minute - it will change!!"  The coast of Nova Scotia seems to follow the same pattern.  We'll hang around this morning do a few things and see if we start to see more blue sky moving this way.

The RV park manager tells us the place with be filled to capacity this weekend so it will be nice to see the activity associated with the presence of more people.  We all have fire rings so I'm sure there will be lots of camp fires (if the rain holds off!)  There is a canteen and a restaurant on the grounds - the canteen is famous locally for its fish & chips and the restaurant for its lobster dinners, dancing and music so things will be jumping in the old town starting tomorrow night.

The couple beside us is from Ontario Canada and seem very nice - we got into a discussion with them yesterday and of course Melissa's book came up :>) and the woman bought 2 copies for her grand kids!!!!!!

More than likely we will venture up and down the coast today and stop at Peggy's Cove and other little seaside fishing villages and hamlets - looks like a day for touring.

It looks like our GPS (the replacement one) may have crapped out as did the first one!!!!  This one is having the same problem, it runs for a while on the 12volt adapter and does not seem to charge the battery while using 12v.  After a few hours, it shuts itself off and won't work until the battery is charged via 120v.  We hope we can get our money back - it was an expensive one $350!!!

Whoops the sun just came out!!!!!  This is what I'm talking about - Whoops the sun just went back in again :>(

Hope to report back later in the evening with some photos of this beautiful area of Canada - what we have seen thus far is a spectacular as was Acadia.

Later my Buds--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

JR    :>)