This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, July 23, 2012


Yo my blog buddies,

Well Sunday in "our park" was wonderful - very relaxing and the concert from 3 - 5 was great.  Following are some photos of the concert as well as the view from my chair in the park.  The park is in a cove with a small marina right there.  Melissa found this park and what a great find it was - we go there most every afternoon - it is quiet and peaceful.

Well - today looks like a nice sunny day so we will do an early laundry this morning and then head down to Chester to walk around and have one of those lovely LOBSTA rolls we saw the other day!!!

Starting today and for the rest of the week Mon - Thur we need to do "DIS & DAT" types of things inside and outside the RV to get ready for our departure on Friday morning.  We have a whole check off list from checking the fluids in the RV and the car as well as the tire pressure in both and on and on the list goes so a few things each day and come departure day we will be all set!

Enjoy the day my friends and be good to yourself today!

JR     :>)