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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yo my Blog Buddies

Good morning,

Well - here it is Wednesday a day closer to our departure day on Friday!

Last night for quite a long period we had torrential downpours of rain - it sounded like at least 1/2 inch per hour!  Of course the top of the roof only being 7 ft away, the sound is amplified at bit - but it really-really rained!!!

A cloudy showery day is forecast again for today - so we may wait until tomorrow when clearing is forecast for our return trip to Mohone Bay - our favorite little town on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

There is a cafe' next to the library and the fellow who owns it is quite a good cook!  Last week we ordered a lasagna with home made noodles and man it was delicious - it did us 2 meals!!!  Yesterday after Melissa's reading we ordered one of his chicken pies.  He'll make it today and cook it for us and we'll pick it up at 4:00.  This will be dinner for tonight and Thursday night.  His wife makes a great dark chocolate cake so we'll get 2 pieces of that as well.  He cooks it for us as running the oven in the RV really heats it up as well as condensation on the windows (propane) creates that!  Also we are low on propane - he offered to cook it for us as he did with the lasagna - so we give him a couple of extra dollars.  We'll just need to warm it up a bit before eating.

The people here are so friendly - a people proud of their town, their country and their contribution to to life -
they say hello - they smile and seem to be almost stress- less and one thing I noticed, the adults and kids do not have their eyes and thumbs glued to their phones or other electronic devices.  In a way it is like stepping back in time a bit where people communicated with one another using their voice, not a text message.  I have to say it's been very pleasant surroundings compared to the hustle and bustle and hassle of the states.  Seems to be a much quieter and simple life style.  Halifax being a pretty good size city, I made the same observations.

Well based on what the weather does, that will determine our day - a journey or a veg out day, doing some preparation for our Friday departure.

Have a good day and remember - speak to people - smile at people (they may think you are weird) but - do it anyways!!!!

JR     :>)