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This Land is My Land


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last day in Nova Scotia

Good morning my friends,

Well, our month in Nova Scotia is just about over with.  We depart early tomorrow (Friday) morning on a 2 1/2 day journey to Ile d' Orleans Quebec Canada, arriving Sunday. Ile d' Orleans is an island in the St. Lawrence River just off the shores of the Old City.  We love Old Quebec City - having gone there many, many times when we lived in Maine.  We did a lot of cross country skiing at Mont St. Anne as well as touring during the Autumn.  It is our Paris.  Ile d' Orleans is one of our favorite spots - so we will be in an RV park on Ile d' Orleans for three weeks.  There are many little villages and hamlets in this area and most of them within a short driving distance of the park.  Baie St. Paul is one of our favorites.

Yesterday I got quite a few of the preparation of leaving chores done - all the fluids in the truck and the car checked for proper levels as well as all the air pressure checked in all the tires 6 on the RV and 4 on the car.  Today we'll do a laundry and stock up with some fresh water on-board - about 10 gallons.  Our first stop after about a 5 hour journey will be at a casino in Moncton New Brunswick.  Most casinos will let RVs stay free overnight in there parking lots.  This is the real boondocking as there will be no electrical hookup or water or sewer hookups.  We have 2 heavy duty batteries for our 12V supply and this will run our lights and water pump and furnace fan.  So the fresh water we put on-board today will be used here.  Our 2nd day stop will be in Edmundston New Brunswick right on the Quebec border.  This will be at a Provincial campground and there we will  have electrical and water hookup.  We should roll onto Ile d' Orleans mid day Sunday - there we will have full hookups - electric - water - sewer, and begin our 3 week stay.

After finishing the rest of the "preparation chores" today, we will sit in "our park" for most of the afternoon - saying farewell to it and then go say farewell to "our library" and all the nice folks that work there.

Soooo a fun day ahead - a certain sadness in leaving Nova Scotia the journey for the past month has been wonderful with lots of great sights and all in all a very enjoyable time.  The campground lacked a lot but the one thing it had going for it was location-location-location.  We spent most days out of the campground enjoying the area.

I will be without WiFi for the first two days, not getting it back until Sunday - so Friday and Saturday you most likely will not hear from me - although I may be able to "tap" into the casino WiFi - we'll see!  :>)

Soooo - take care, enjoy the days ahead and until next post - ENJOY LIFE!!!

JR      :>)