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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A lovely evening

Good morning my friends,

Well - last night we met 7 other RV-ers at the Chubby Trout restaurant here in Elkhart for a very enjoyable evening.  2 of the folks Steve and his wife Evin we had lunch last April at the very same restaurant.  2 other folks Bill & Linda we met in Kerrville TX this past May and the other 3 folks Bill and Lori & Ward we met for the first time last night.

We pretty much talked about RVs and problems with the various "things" on an RV that can and DO go wrong.  Make no mistake - RVs breakdown, systems such as slide outs and levelers etc etc stop working correctly.  Most of us were in Elkhart for warranty work!!!  If you drove you home down the highway at 65 MPH in the wind and the rain - your home would experience these malfunctions as well.  There is a saying - the only RV that does not have problems is the one that is not yours!!!

We had a nice evening and several of these folks are heading to Florida for the winter as we are and we will put together some plans to meet up while down there.

The slide out parts did not arrive yesterday so perhaps today they will.  If so, some work on the slide out will begin.

In the meantime, we are packing up our hotel room and will be picked up tomorrow morning at 7:30 am - driven to Chicago (2 hour drive) to board a plane for Boston.  We'll stay in Boston until Monday and then board a plane for England.  I do not like planes so I'm starting to get a bit nervous and anxious regarding the upcoming flights.  I always loved to fly but I think as you get older you realize that you have tempted fate enough times already and to continue to do so perhaps may not be in your best interest.  I now like my feet firmly planted on a solid surface and not at 30,000 feet!

So off to NEXUS this morning to see what's going on with our RV.

Later my friends,

JR    :>)