This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting close to Monday

Yo my friends,

Well - today is Saturday and another day closer to our departure on Monday to London.  Getting a bit nervous regarding the flight and in general nervous about a trip to an unknown place.

We will go over to Melissa's sisters house again today and visit and also do our laundry and try to head off to England with more clean clothes than dirty.

Melissa's sister has 2 wonderful kids Olivia and Elizabeth and it is such a joy to see them growing and becoming young women.  Real nice kids!

A bit of mountain fog this morning but the forecast is for a partly sunny day which sounds good to me!

Well, time to go and find something light for breakfast as I'm going to start working on losing 5 - 8 pounds, with a goal to complete around the 15th of September!  Depends on how good the food is in England - from what I know, I'll be able to get a good start on the loosing!!!!  :>)
That said fish & chips will be a challenge for me not to eat a lot of!

Take care - have a great weekend and enjoy life

JR     :>)