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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yo my friends,

Well the rain held off today until 1:30 or so and then just a few light showers.  We walked over to Buckingham Palace and stood at the front gates of the Palace for about 1 1/2 hours in order to get a good viewing position for the changing of the guard ceremony.  It was quite impressive with a lot of pomp and circumstance - some of it not understandable as to why they did what they did - but none the less - very impressive!!!  The changing of the guard ceremony took about 1 hours.

We then tried to buy tickets to enter the Palace and view some of the rooms but found that the tickets were all sold out!!!!  Which was OK - so we took another ride on the narrated bus tour.

Some photos:

We started the day with a nice healthy breakfast !!!!  Ya - I know - what about my diet - I'll start it tomorrow!!  :>)

This is one of London's favorite parks - consisting of over 6 acres - it is called  Green Park - does anyone know why???

Statue outside Buckingham Palace

Entrance gates to the Palace grounds

The Palace

Melissa at the gates to the entrance of the Palace

Some of The Queen's guards starting the changing of the guard ceremonies.  She has over 100 guards who live in very nice looking barracks not far from the Palace.  Contingents of them follow her all over the world and provide protection.  All of them carry automatic weapons - which is a very frightful sight as they look mean, never smiling and you can tell they mean business.  If you get too close to them, they will stamp a foot on the ground - which is a warning to MOVE BACK BUCKO!!!!!!!!!

The Palace from a distance 

A splash of color of course - Some of the Queens gardens

Hope you enjoyed the photos of our tour of London today.  Tomorrow we board a train and travel to Bath.  If WiFi is present, I'll put up some postings of our travels in Bath - I think we are there for 3 nights.  We hope to go to Stonehenge while there and of course tour the city itself.  Melissa has a friend who lives there with her husband and 3 children so we will visit with them as well.

I have to say this has been such a wonderful trip thus far.  I have a problem with understanding the British ( the accent. )  I can only understand about 10% of what they are saying!!!  I keep asking Melissa "why can't they speak English???"  :>) 

Well, got to pack up things for our journey tomorrow to Bath.

Take care my friends and cherish life and enjoy the journey.

JR    :>)