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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A sunny start to Wednesday

Yo my friends,

Well we have a sunny prediction to the weather today and a rain prediction for Thurs and Fri.
There may be a chance that our 2 missing bathroom cabinet doors will come in before we depart on Monday morning.  I hope so.  Also the WiFi Ranger technician is going to take a look at our WiFi Ranger unit and see if something is wrong with it or it is not hooked up correctly.

Things are falling into place it seems!!  :>)  This make-a-me-happy!!!  :>)

I've got to try and get another prescription filled - I called my Dr. in Santa Fe yesterday to see if he will send the Rx out to the Sam's Club out here in Indiana.  Dr's can be funny people!!!!  I've been going to this Dr for 5 years now and each year he gives me a physical, blood tests and prescribes the same medications that I've been taking for about 18 years now!!!!!  However one time I called too have him renew one of my Rx's and he said "OH I won't do that without first having you get some blood tests to make sure nothing has changed.  DUH - DOC - you've been testing and prescribing the same meds for 5 years now!!!!!!!!  Then of course they have to have you come into the office to read you the results of the test and always say "Well nothing has changed so we'll keep you on the same regiment for another year."  DOUBLE DUH!!!  It's a catch 22 to get you into the office so the Dr. can get an office visit billing out of your insurance company.

I like my medicare insurance - my Dr. submits an office visit bill to them for $158!!!!!!!  Medicare says "we'll give you $68!!!!  My Dr. say "OK"  tis a crazy world we live in!!!!

Well today some rearranging of "STUFF" in the RV - now that we have doors on our cabinets!  After starring at cabinets full of "STUFF" for a week without doors we can see the need for revamping the "STUFF" and perhaps getting rid of some "STUFF."

Living in an RV has its storage limits but it makes you think of what you really need and what you really do not need and most importantly of what you don't have room for no matter if you need it or don't need it!!!  That said and I just said it - the operative word for today is REVAMP our STUFF.

Sooooo before we start out on the road again on Monday we need to get our ship in shipshape order!

Take care my friends - enjoy the day and be kind to others and to yourself.

JR      :>)