This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Elkhart Indiana on a sunny Sunday

Yo my friends,

Well - 48 degrees this morning with a high of 82 forecast!!!  I'LL TAKE IT!!!!
Forecast for tomorrow is 75 and rain.

Hope to finish setting up the printer today either in the WiFi mode or the normal USB mode - I've yet to find out the information on the SSID and my password - DUH!!!!

There are several Amish communities in this area and one Shipshewanna we have been to twice and there is another a little bit further so we hope to go to that maybe today or sometime next week.  Nice shops - nice restaurants and nice people.  We figure we will be here until this coming Friday and even through the 23rd.

We have some time to spare so we can stay longer in Elkhart than we planned as we do not need to arrive in Florida until around early mid October for a week stay at Fort Pickens in the Pensacola and a week in Destin Florida before working our way over and down to Punta Gorda for arrival on November 1.

Well, time to get the day started with a few chores - cleaning the house and then setup the printer and perhaps start a painting :>) 

Take care my friends.

JR       :>)