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This Land is My Land


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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday 9/22/12

Yo my blog buddies,

Well here it is Saturday - we have 2 more days in Elkhart and then we hit the road again - starting our journey down to the Florida panhandle and then over to Punta Gorda on the west coast for a nice long stay of 5 1/2 months in various areas of Florida.

We've enjoyed our stay here in Elkhart and got to spend some time with our "Family of NEXUS friends" also some nice food at the Chubby Trout and at the Firehouse Restaurant, and the Fat Tomato as well as some great frozen custard and some wonderful days in Amish country.  But as I say (with all due respect) Elkhart is not the excitement capital of this area of the country. The people are very nice and friendly and there are a few things to do - but once you've done them unless you wander on into Chicago - you've kind of seen this area.  A pleasant stay indeed!

Today we are going to lunch with a good email/blog friend whom we have never met!
She (Donna) and her husband (Stu) are at the same RV park we are in as they too needed some work done on their 5th wheel.  Donna belongs to some of the same RV Blogs I do and I follow her blog and she mine.  As a matter of fact Donna purchased one of my small (Art4rvs) paintings a while back.

Sooooo it will be nice to meet them in person and have a nice long lunch shooting the breeze!

Other than that, we need to map out our route to get to Florida and check out some State parks and RV parks to stay in during our travels to FL.  Some friends who have traveled this route have made some recommendations which we will look at.  Having a circle of fellow RV-ers is a good thing as you get to talk about your travels - your troubles and also get some good first hand knowledge on places to stay - places not to stay - restaurants to stop at (RV-ers are very frugal so they know the good places that do not cost a lot of $$$$$$$$$)  Knowing that there are other folks out there that you know is sort of comforting as well.

Melissa is at the hairdressers this morning getting a long need hair cut and I'm just pooping around writing to my blog buddies.  Later I will clean the RV vac-mop-dust and get some of the "planning to hit the road" chores done as today and tomorrow they predict rain off and on.  It rained a goodly amount last nite so my "PREP" chores will need I think to be done in between rain drops!!!!

Excuse any spelling errors as Google blog spell check is not working again - it rarely does!!!!!  Google is a very poor provider of software - it's software that they do not support - they just provide it - DUH!!!!!!!  But as I say IT'S FREE and FREE is GOOD but rarely completely functional.  I've considered switching to other blog software but the change over is too complicated and I'm too lazy to work thru it!!!!   :>)

Sooooooo have a great weekend - enjoy family - enjoy life - and be nice to yourself and others  remember - there is a lot of Karma out there - join it and be active in its participation!!!!!!!

JR         :>)