This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday morning

Yo my friends,

Well we woke up to a light frost this morning!!!  YIKES - TIME TO GET OUT OF DODGE!!

I disconnected the water supply last night as they predicted a frost - the last thing you need is a frozen water hose!  Our holding tanks are heated so as long as we have the heat on they are getting heated each time the furnace engages.  Believe me we had the heat on last night!!!!!  The option for heated tanks was not a lot of $'s (under $500) I think - but well worth it as you never know where you might be when it goes below 32 degrees!!!

Today will be spent mostly on getting ready to leave tomorrow morning - food shopping - laundry- flu shots - dump and flush the holding tanks - check the PSI in all tires 6 on the RV and 4 on the Honda - start putting away some of the loose stuff.  They also recommend you check the lug nuts on the wheels on the RV - I do this every other time we set out on the road.

We are going to take our time heading down to Florida and try not to do any marathon driving - no more than 3 hours in a day - we are planning on.

Well, time for breakfast - yogurt, 1/2 a muffin and a cup of coffee.  We found a great restaurant in Elkhart that serves a nice breakfast and has great muffins.  Also they always have a special buy 3 - get 3 free!!!!  That's like paying 1/2 price for the muffins.  :>)  We just pop them into the freezer.

Once we get set in Florida for a goodly time, we are going to buy a griddle from Amazon as we like to cook french toast - pancakes - grilled cheese sandwiches etc and the griddle is perfect for a nice home cooked breakfast or lunch.

Well my friends,  time to eat and then get busy with the chores of the day.

Take care - have a happy beginning of the week as well as a great week.

JR       :>)