This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost done

Yo my friends,

Well our warranty repair/replace list is almost completed.  A few problems arose -

When ordering the new cabinet doors, the two mirrored doors on the bathroom cabinet were not included in the order.  Sooooooooo it may not be possible to get these doors before we leave Indiana!!!!!!  :>(  CRAP!!!!

We also do not feel our WiFi Ranger unit is installed correctly and are waiting for a call from the local technician.

If the doors cannot be ready in time for our departure on Sunday, they may need to be mailed to us in Florida!!! :>( CRAP   

Well, I guess these things happen - I was in the airborne division during part of my tour in the Air Force and we all had a saying - There maybe some crap on the runway but you can still and the plane!!!  

Well we will return to the campground later this afternoon and may be back here tomorrow for the WiFi Guru.

Later my friends,

JR    :>)