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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Honda Fit 10,000 mile service

Good morning blog buddies,

Well here we are at Gurley Leep Honda in Elkhart IN. getting our Honda fit serviced.  We've had the car 10 months now and we just love it!!  Very easy to tow behind the RV and it tracks real straight and I hardly know it is back there.  Every once in a while I check it in our rear view camera to make sure it is still there!!!!  :>) 

Actually as part of the tow bar assembly and the aux brake system we have a 12v wireless device that should the car become detached from the RV an alarm will sound and the aux brake system in the Honda will engage.  I hope that never happens as the people in cars behind us certainly would be SHOCKED!!!!!!

After we leave here, we'll head over to NEXUS where we left our RV this morning and we are told that the remaining warranty work should be completed today.

We are scheduled to leave the area on Sunday and will start to make our way down to the Florida panhandle.

As I mentioned, starting to get chilly here so heading to warmer weather will be nice!!  :>)  

OK - I'll check in later with Y'all and by then we should be back in our RV Park space.

Enjoy the day my friends.

JR       :>)