This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

THE SUN!!!!!

Yo my blog buddies,

Well, the sun came out and the sky turned  blue!!!!  WOO - HOO!!!

We went to downtown Battle Ground Indiana and yes my friends there is a downtown area.  Following photos will prove that!!!!!

Yep this is it!!!!!!  One block long and wide!!!! We found a cafe" and we each got a great home made large biscuit and a coffee with refills and the total bill came to $4.14!!!!!  How great is that!!!!

The cafe we found in the ONE block of downtown

Best biscuit I've ever had!!!!

We then scooted over to the Wolf park

First a splash of color - they have a butterfly garden at the entrance to the Wolf Park

I use to say "My wife is a fox."  But now she is a wolf!!!!!   :>)

This place is FANTASTIC!!!!  We took a guided tour and it was so interesting just amazing!!!

This one even howled for us!!!!!

Well worth the price of $7 which included the guided tour!!!

Now for a short siesta and them some preparation chores for our departure tomorrow morning - how far will we go???????  Time will tell!!!!

Later my good friends.

JR      :>)