This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Good morning my friends,

Well we are back to the maps again as we have made somewhat of an itinerary change in our travel plans and to make them work out we will be staying in Elkhart one additional day and leave on Tuesday instead of Monday.  This will give us time to get our Flu shot also!!!  :>)

That's a great thing about living in an RV - you can change your plans and leave a place early or stay longer or go south instead of north or east instead of west!

So we spent a couple of hours using Map Quest and the 2012 Road Atlas, searching on campgrounds/RV parks, State Parks and Federal Parks in various areas and making phone calls to those we thought looked like we would enjoy staying at.

I have a senior pass - I like to call it Sen'or Pass :>)     Anyhooooo at most federal parks I get a 50% discount on the daily rate.  They do have a restriction of only being allowed to stay for a two week period.  So one of our itinerary changes we will be staying at Fort Pickens in Florida for two weeks and instead of $25 per night - Sen'or JR only pays $12.50 per night.  HOLY CRAP WHAT A BARGAIN.  Across the street is pure white sand surrounded by the blue/green ocean of the Gulf of Mexico!!!!  Soooooo our time yesterday was well spent - we also found a couple of other places to get a great daily price as well.

Sooooo with a few adjustments in travel direction resulting in maybe a $50 increase in gas expense we saved well over $150 in nightly rates and the best part is we like our new route better and it should get us into the white sandy beaches and Caribbean like waters sooner - now I ask you ------- Isn't that what life is all about??????  

Partly sunny today but chilly and the forecast is for more showers, so I will still do some Pre-departure chores today even tho we are staying a day longer.  The extended forecast is for better weather on Monday so things like checking the air pressure and adjusting as needed I'll save for the forecast of the better day.

A suggestion for those of you considering RV-ing, an air compressor will be your best friend - we got ours at Sears - on sale for $99 and it is great.  It generates 150psi which is needed to fill the tires on our RV as I keep all 6 tires at 80 PSI - which is based on the weight we are carrying.

Well - blah-blah-blah - I've gone on long enough - I get a little hyper just before we start out on the road again after a week or two stay and the hyper activity shows in my ability to talk (write) for ever!!!!

Sooooo enjoy your Sunday and as my friend Arnold says----------------------------------

I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!

JR    :>)